Booking a stall at the market

Here is all the information you need about booking a stall at our market.

Marine Rescue and Rotary welcome new stall holders to our market at any time whether you are a full time 

professional stall holder, a local group or individual who wants to downsize a bit!  We are especially interested in new and interesting stalls selling quality products, hand-made items or food to enhance out market.

Please note that your application to attend may not be approved by the market manager if we already have enough stalls selling your type of products.

We are usually heavily booked for the peak holiday seasons, so it is a great time to try out our market. However, we recommend that you book in early and get your site before the busy holiday period arrives.

Site sizes and cost

We have both casual and permanent sites available.  Our standard sites are 4m x 4m and cost $30 for each market attended.  Larger 5m x 4m sites cost $35 per market and 6m x 4m cost $40 per market.  Sites may be combined if you require a larger site (discount price applies for combined sites).

After attending three (3) consecutive markets, casuals can apply to become permanent.  Permanents have their sites reserved and do not have to book in for each market.

The cost for a permanent site reduces by $5 per market (our standard site price is $25 for permanent site holders).  Permanents need to contact us ONLY if they are NOT attending that particular month.

Site holders can access their site from 7am to set up the stall.  The market is open to the public from 9am to 1pm.  You can drive your vehicle to your site and leave it parked there while you unpack but all vehicles must be off site by 8.30am.  No vehicles are allowed to remain on site unless they are within your allocated market stall site or unless you have a disability sticker displayed on your vehicle.

Public Liability Insurance

All stall holders are required to be covered by public liability insurance.  If you have your own public liability insurance an electronic or hard copy must be provided to the market manager.  If you do not have your own public liability insurance, you will need to take your insurance cover through the market at an extra $10 per day. The requirement for PRODUCT liability insurance coverage also applies to stall holders who sell food.

We are an outdoor market and encourage stall holders to provide their own gazebos for sun protection.  A 3m x 3m gazebo fits easily on our standard 4m x 4m sites.  All gazebos must be securely anchored to the ground.  Market management does NOT supply gazebos, display tables, chairs, extension chords etc.

Our market Terms and Conditions and Stall Holder Agreement can be downloaded here.  Once you book a site a site with us you are agreeing to these Terms and Conditions and to the Stall Holders Agreement.

Please note that due to the current restriction in effect due to the COVID-19 pandemic, all stall holders are required to follow aspects of our COVID-19 Safety Plan.  A current copy of this plan will be emailed to you when booking as it is updated as Government restrictions change.  Stall holders not complying with our COVID-19 Safety Plan will be asked to leave the market.

Booking a site at our market

If you wish to book a site with us please send us an email (click here) with information about what products you will be selling, the site size you would like,  whether you have your own public liability insurance or if you will be buying it through us for the day, and if you require a powered site (limited powered sites are available).

Please note that bookings open in the week before each market and we will respond to your request within a few days.  Alternatively, you can leave a message on the telephone for either Rotary or Marine Rescue  (click here for the telephone numbers) and your message will be answered in the week leading up to each market.

Customers, shoppers and visitors
wishing to make an enquiry about our market should use the email form here.

For frequently asked questions for stall holders click here.

We look forward to welcoming you to our next Sunday Market!